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Tis done! - Life in the Fast Lane
Everything, all the time
Tis done!
It's been a busy week or so. Overshadowed by working my tail off last weekend, and Monday's tragedy, I completely missed wishing Sean a happy birthday.... so here's a very belated Happy Birthday!

Now that the formalities are out of the way, I closed on my house on Thursday! It's official!

The seller (Bank of NY) tried to make life difficult at the 11th hour, arguing over what closing costs they were paying (they got off with paying less than the 3% I asked for... *grumbles*). I think it's merely because New York is full of attorneys. But we got everything finalized at the last minute, and my mortgage broker was a huge help to me. I feel bad that to make the numbers fit in the end, he had to cut his commission. Hopefully, I can get it made up to him with a referral or two, and a future HELOC, and a re-finance if rates get better, or my job situation changes for the better. : ) 

Speaking of job changes... I threw my resume out on Monster, and another site (local paper), just to see what sort of response I could get.  With me being a Master's student, figured I might generate a hit or two, as a possibility.  Well, I've received about half a dozen communications from Financial Services firms, for SALES positions.  If I wanted to go sales, I'd do it here.  I feel like my career path is taking me away from that, and I've had to politely decline these people with that very same line.  I'm not really seriously searching... more like testing the waters, at this point.  Just keeping an eye out for any opportunities, as well. 

I officially know I'm a homeowner now, because I've already dropped my first $100 at Lowe's on Friday afternoon. (New deadbolts, painting supplies, air filters.) Sheesh... amazing how quickly that stuff adds up! And I'm not even talking about decorative paint! This is all primer! I did take note that the "decorative paint" is signifigantly more expensive... :-/  My mind is turning with things I'd love to do to the place... floors, countertops, tile in the bathrooms, etc.  Even landscaping.  The only problem I'm having is coming up with a color scheme for painting the walls...  So if anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE make them. : ) 

Classes are winding down, and my countdown to move-in hits 30. All that's really left for me to do is a lot of cleaning.  Mom is supposed to head down here in a week or so to help me with the scrubbing, so that'll be good.  I can't wait till I've got this place looking new again.  I walk in now, and it doesn't quite feel like mine yet, because it's not MY dirt.  Yanno?

Dasvedaneye! (Goodbye, in Russian.)

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