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Middle-class suburbanite.... - Life in the Fast Lane
Everything, all the time
Middle-class suburbanite....
I refuse to do a list, because, well, that's ofmythandlegend's thing.... ;-)

For those who don't know, I've spent the better part of the last month cleaning up my house for move-in. As such, that took place Saturday. It was a very warm day, and we worked our asses off, but we got it done fairly quickly. 95% of my 3 room apartment went into the truck in under two hours, and was moved out of the truck into the house in about an 1:15 hours. I kid you not. I had moved a majority of the small stuff (books, pantry items) over the previous weeks, so it was "daily items" and stuff that was left. I made the mistake of not fully informing and checking back in with my "hired help" (Jeremey), so not only did I drag him out of bed at 9:15 on Saturday morning, but lost his services about 12:30... and wound up having my friend Anna help me with the unloading. I think she got the better end of the deal, as only the bedroom furniture had to go upstairs. The sleeper-sofa and everything else just came off the truck into the Great Room.

So, a further trip back to pack up the food and remaining few miscellaneous items, and we were back at the house at 5:30. I was dead tired. Virtually no nutrition since breakfast, sweating like crazy, and little hydration were of the order. We did stop for dinner at 8-ish, then came back, and loaded the washer and dryer up to the 2nd floor. As convenient as it is to not have to carry laundry up and down the stairs, it's a pain moving those things up there! And lo and behold when I run my first load that night, it's developed a tiny leak because the fittings weren't on as tight as they needed to be. A nice puddle of water in my garage. *grumbles*

Sunday, I had to work a small party for the caterer, so after dropping $500+ at Costco (thank you mom!), they went back to the apartment to clean, while I went to work. They also had to get my dishes and glassware, as it was the only thing left. Mom wound up having an issue with her knee, and all they got was the dishware and a small spot of cleaning done. I started to unpack some of my kitchenware, and find that I managed to transplant ants from my apartment complex. *screams* My guess is they dropped in from the tree overhanging the bed of the pickup truck, and found the partial bag of powdered sugar. Thank goodness it was only stacked in the foyer, and I've been on constant spray patrol for the last couple of nights. I'm keeping RAID in business right now. :P I've also setup ant traps in the kitchen just in case. But I got home, and again, crashed on the floor in the great room.

Monday was "back to the apartment day", and knocked out the cleaning in under 2 hours. Handed in the keys yesterday. The rest of the day was spent putting stuff away, and assembling my new gas grill. : ) As dad said, I'm now officially middle-class suburbia, as we had Jeremey and his wife over for some ribs, corn, bread, and salad. I drank a few beers while we were grilling, so I feel suburbian now.

The 'rents left yesterday morning, and made it home. Before I left for work, they made me pose for pictures outside of the house. I felt like it was my first day of 1st grade again... *eyeroll* I spent last night putting away some more things, and installing under-cabinet lights in my kitchen. They look really cool, and I'll post a pic of them later. I'm not a big fan of leaving the overhead flourescent light on all the time, so these really are nice, plus, they add extra light to my countertops for when I'm working.

My house looks so empty right now. I have no dining room furniture, 2 bedrooms are empty, and my Master Bedroom looks cavernous with my small suite of furniture. My office even looks kind of empty. And I have no cable right now! *grumbles at Time Warner* My master bath is in the midst of being painted right now, so I'm running from end to end in the morning to get ready. I just slept in my bedroom for the first time last night. but..... IT's MINE! : )

I'm hoping to get the Master Bath finished up in the next night or so. I really want to move the rest of the bath supplies back to my end of the house. I've got a giant box of toiletries and stuff that's sitting in my closet just waiting to be put away in the bathroom. I've also got to replace the fan in the front bath, because for some unknown reason, it doesn't work. *shrugs*

Slowly, but surely, it's coming along. It might be just a tad late to plant anything, as we're already below nominal rainfall for the year, and part of my lawn has already gone dormant (or was it dormant to begin with?).

Here's a couple pics that the 'rents took. Just of the outside. You absolutely have to see the colors in the office and MBR and great room. Mom and dad (known for having nothing but off-white in the house, outside of the wallpaper) really like the colors. : )

So.. here you go!

(I swear, dad knows how to use a camera. The lines on the house are straight, he's just standing at an odd angle...)

By the way, if you haven't seen POTC3, check out the trailer. Also, check the trailer for Transformers. Both are on my "must see" list, right after OotP. : )

Believe that's it for now. I'll be back with picspam of the inside in a few days. At least I should have internet starting tommorrow night.


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