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Immutable Truths of Homeownership - Life in the Fast Lane
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Immutable Truths of Homeownership

This weekend marks the end of what will be my 4th "true" week as a homeowner. Although I closed almost 2 months ago, I've only been living in the house for 4 weeks. In that time, I've discovered there are some basic immutable truths about life as a homeowner....

1.) There is no such thing as "done" when it comes to home improvement projects. You finish one thing, there are at least 2 more that replace that one item.

2.) Yard work creeps up on you very quickly. I seem to vaguely recall cutting the grass Monday night, and I'm trying to figure out if I'll make it to next week without having to cut it again.

3.) I have a much greater "personal incentive" to keep the house clean, as opposed to my apartment. Can't figure that one out yet.

4.) Thank God that the house was designed to take advantage of natural light. I can literally wake up in the morning and go until 8:30pm without ever needing to turn on a light.

5.) Trying to keep your grass green and healthy is a never-ending struggle and frustrating as hell. My front yard is nearly emerald green... the back yard... well...

6.) Keeping your computer separate from the living area is a great thing.... most of the time.

7.) I'm amazed that I can keep the thermostats set on 75/76 (upstairs/downstairs), and it's actually comfortable. In the apartment, if it wasn't less than 71... it was downright stifling. Now.. it just remains to be seen how winter will be around here.

8.) Speaking of winter... I'm extremely annoyed that Piedmont Natural Gas has to charge me a flat fee of $10/month just for the privelege of running gas into the house.

9.) My Master Bath is too big. Or I'm doing something wrong, because I open the shower curtain in the morning to get out, and get assaulted with a HUGE blast of cold air.

10.) There's always something else to buy for the house. I dropped $30 for a fan in the office last weekend, and then dropped $40 for a string trimmer (I'm a stickler for having the grass trimmed). I think I need a wheelbarrow, because one of the next projects is to lay a small brick "pad" on the side of the house for my trash bins, and I need to dig up a fair amount of dirt.

But... I'm loving being a homeowner. I love that I don't have to keep my windows and sliding glass door nearly sealed up to keep the near daylight conditions of apartment parking lots out of the house. I also love that by and large, noise levels are a at a minimum. And I don't have to worry that when I'm up at 1am on Friday night screaming into my mic while playing Counterstrike Source, I don't have to worry if it's too loud for a neighbor. Or I can crank the volume up on my stereo/dvd when watching a movie.

Like I said, I've got tons of projects to keep me busy around the house. I have the next 2, maybe 3 weekends off from the caterer (why she has no business is a mystery to me), so that means a lot of work that should get done on the house can get done. On tap is finishing priming/painting on the first floor. The kitchen and nook are the only things getting painted right now, everything else is primed. I'm still debating what color to do the dining room. (Need something that goes with my "tan" that I'm doing for the foyer and kitchen). Along with that fairly simple task, is to also prep the walls, filing in dings, sanding, etc. Some of the house they put together too quickly, and didn't let it settle (methinks), so I've got screws popping the drywall/ceiling out in places. I've got a really nice one in the foyer, nearly 20 feet up, where I have no earthly clue how to reach it.

One thing that's really bugging me is that my landscaping is pretty bleak - makes the house look un-kempt for. I've got a couple of small boxwoods in front of the dining room, and really, that's about it. There's no color, no definition. But, it's nearly July, and it's almost too late to plant, given the propensity for July & August days in North Carolina to average 95 degrees, and not see rain for weeks on end. I'm trying not to run up my water bill here.

I'm slowly working through my re-read of the series before the movie and DH comes out. I'm about halfway through GoF, and figure that I might have it done this weekend. By far, my favorite book in the series has been OotP, so I can hardly wait to get back to it. I'm definitely interested to see how Yates pulls off the screenplay. : )

I had a bit of a "coming to Jesus" meeting with my boss Monday morning. He's been disappointed with me coming in late, lacking in work quantity (not quality), just a general "shape up or ship out" meeting. Anyone who's known me long enough knows that I'm sort of at my wits end working here, but I'm not ready to move on to something else just quite yet. One of my reasons for wanting to leave is the frustrations I have in working here (the "quantity" of work). I pushed through 3-4 financial plans earlier in the week, and I've only gotten one of them back so far, as of 4:15pm Friday. And it's almost ready to be turned right back around to him for final approval. I "sat on my hands" for the better portion of Thursday, because at that point, I couldn't do anything else. *sighs* It makes me truly wonder how the corporate world works, and what sort of cooperation/teamwork I'd have, and if there would be a consistent flow of work. Right now, it's eerily reminiscent of college... slack off for a time, then rush in the last bit before a paper or exam. *shrugs* Musings for another day, perhaps? (Although I would like to hear anyone's take on the corporate world.)

Our company has been upgrading our technology over the last year or so, trying to split off from our parent. There's a spate of new releases coming out in the next 6 months that are going to be cool. But... they come at a price. Yesterday, we got the disk encryption thing and MS Office 2007. Office 2k7, is a totally new beast. I like it, but I don't. It was obviously optimized for a top of the line system, because it didn't take me 30 seconds to bring up Word under XP - it does in 2007. And heaven forbid I try to write a letter through our contact manager software (that's getting upgraded too). This disk encryption thing is a mixed bag. I'm sure it would be fine if my laptop functioned properly and the CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK notification lights would light up. For some reason, the numlock on my laptop is on at startup (but not by the time I hit Windows?), and so it throws me off trying to type in a password. I probably need to change it to something that takes advantage of the left side of the keyboard. ;-)

You'll all need to keep an eye out for felixfelicis1's piece Unbreakable Bonds coming to PS once the incomparable iviolinist gets her hands on it. Very enjoyable piece of work. And I was surprised that it checked in at 219 pages (pre-beta). I'm still working on a few final thoughts for felixfelicis1, though.

Think that's it for now. I should try to tie up a few loose ends here at the office before the day is done.


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