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Be afraid... be VERY afraid - Life in the Fast Lane
Everything, all the time
Be afraid... be VERY afraid
Levi Leipheimer and Alberto Contador have signed with Team Astana, and it's rumored that 4 other very strong riders from Discover will sign with the "new look team" (Janez Brajkovic, Vladimir Gusev, Benjamin Noval, and Sergio Paulhino).  All I have to say to the rest of the ProTour is: "Be very afraid."  There are now 4 very strong Grand Tour GC-guys on that team: Andreas Kloden, Paolo Salvodelli, Alberto, and Levi. Add to that mix the guys Astana had supporting Vino and Kloden this past Tour, and you're looking at a team that's very capable of sweeping all three tours.  


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