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House PicSpam!!! - Life in the Fast Lane
Everything, all the time
House PicSpam!!!
As promised, I have picpsam of the house!  I'm sorry it's a bit late, but I've had a couple of small things that I wanted to finish up before I posted these. (painting the bathroom, the "mud hall", etc. :P)

I've resized most of the images, and everything here is thumbnails that click through, so no one has a right to complain about your friends page. :P  All picture descriptions are available on the click thru page.  Just so you know... I probably ran up a few KwH to Duke Energy lighting up the house. :P  It's very well lit naturally, so I don't normally turn on that many lights (I think every single one was on).

I'll have a bit more of an update later.  But at the least, I got everyone the pics (that's been asking for them).


The house

Front Door

Nook to Patio

Patio #1

Patio #2

Back of House



Kitchen from Bar

Left Kitchen

Kitchen - right


Dining Room

Office #1

Office to

Half bath

Great Room

Great room from garage entry


Top of Stairs

Front Full Bath

Hallway to Master

Foyer from Hall

Master from Door

Master from Corner

MBR to MBA to MC

Master Shower

Master bath

Master closet - left

Master closet - center

Master closet - right


Coordinates: The Estate
Feelin': accomplished accomplished
Tuneage: hitmusicstation.net