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So I Re-Wired It!!!! *RAWR* - Life in the Fast Lane
Everything, all the time
So I Re-Wired It!!!! *RAWR*

Most people know Tim Allen as the lovable, chauvanistic, grunting, somewhat home-repair challenged father from the sitcom Home Improvement.  If you've ever been lucky enough to catch his standup performances before that period though, you know the grunting male routine that started the series.  That's what I thought of after the last few days of projects on the house.  That's exactly what I did with several things - I rewired them. *insert chauvanistic male grunt here*

The most intensive project, which is not complete was moving a double light switch box from inside the garage to inside the house.  These two switches controlled the overhead light in the garage, and the two lamps outside of the garage door.  I got tired of not realizing whether or not I had left those lights on or even bothered to turn them on.  Plus - it makes no sense for me to have to go out into the garage to turn on my front lights.  (I want to smack around the architect or whoever else did some of the schematics for the house.)  So, after an 18 x 24 inch hole was cut in the garage wall, I managed to relocate that switch box to the inside (where there was a single switch), and now have a nice new three switch control center in my little entry-way.  BUT.... the funny thing is, that I had to turn off breakers for my office, the garage, and the GREAT ROOM... so, when I grabbed one switch, thinking that the power was off... I got a Tim Taylor sort of electrical shock.  It's actually not that bad....  Now, I just need to finish cleaning up the hole in the wall (actually a patch now).

The other major project was installing two programmable thermostats.  The install was easier than the programming... :-/  But, I now have my house more energy efficient, which is the goal... especially seeing this latest shocker from Duke Power.... *shudders*  The 2nd floor (all bedrooms and laundry) basically shuts down for the entire day, and only runs at night, and the downstairs shuts down during the day and the night.  

I've also been trying to patch up one of the walls that had a lot of little knicks in it (at the bottom of the stairs).  Oddly enough... they seem to stop about 2 1/2 feet up the wall... :-/  And I've been working on all these little areas where for some reason or another, the drywall screws have popped back a bit.  Mostly, those are in the ceiling.  I need an honest opinion from everyone - should I leave the ceilings as "smooth", or texture them?  I get the impression that this will continue to happen over time, and I'd hate to have to keep repairing the ceiling, and think texture would hide these blemishes better.  

I continued my progression of getting the walls painted, and managed to get the remainder of the breakfast nook and the kitchen.  All that remains on the first floor is the dining room and foyer. I'm not really looking forward to doing the foyer, to be quite honest... all 20 feet of it...

Other than that... life has been rather uneventful.  I'm just biding my time like everyone else until the movie and Deathly Hallows is released.  There's so much news coming across for the release of both, that it's flooding my RSS reader.  Getting a bit annoying lately.  And I hate that the "full media" (CNN, AP, etc.) are all asking the question "Will Harry Die?" and then postulating to high heaven about it.  

The Tour de France kicks off tommorrow in London.  I find myself for the first time in a little over a year, excited for it.  The doping scandals of the last year have put a damper on my enthusiasm for cycling, but in the last couple of weeks, it's really come back.  Here's to hoping that it's an exciting race, and I'm rooting especially hard for the Americans - Levi, DaveZ, and George. I'd love Discovery Channel to return to the days of "Le Train Bleu"... but we'll see what happens.  Prologue tommorrow!!!  Bright and early!

That's all for now.  Catch you all soon!

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